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The arguments are always 'oh Vaporeon is the best pokemon to fuck' but

I disagree. Sylveon is the best pokemon to fuck. To start, a Sylveon's

ribbons are actually a version of skin. They have muscles and can move

around at will. This is amazing for cuddling, foreplay, and even

fucking. Sylveon also has a great moveset for breeding. Sylveon can use

baby doll eyes to make her look cuter and you more aroused. Sylveon

also has access to Swift, Psych Up, Attract, Charm, and other moves to

make the bedroom better. But the best of all? Sylveon gets a stab-bonus

on Play Rough and Draining Kiss. The only way to get a Sylveon is

leveling an Eevee up with high affection, so a Sylveon will be already

close to the trainer, making training easier. I rest my case.